Friday, May 2, 2014

My party people

People that i have been hanging out for the past months, going to places that allows me to see old friends. Being able to catch up and all. 朋友是一辈子。她们不会离开我,所以很庆幸。。谢谢你们一直的陪伴 。

How i know dash was prettt funny, he was in my wechat, so i asked if i know him all. Started conversation but we never met and all. Until one day, at v6, new singer came and from far we say not bad looking and asked the manager to call him over. After he introuduce himself to my friend and it was my turn. He looked at me and say hey, i know you. I was stunned. I say do i know you. He said you in my line.. so i tried recalling and say, oh. You are the guy. For god know what reasons we were so happy, we hugged and jumped around. That my friend call me crazy. But nevertheless, he has been a part of my partylife.. :)

Next up, bank. First time go v6 with girlfriends, and they were singing "honey i hate u" until i saw him dancing. I was OMG, hes damn cute. Love the way he danced. He got this charissma that got me crazy over him. Which then he came to us and make friends and all. Awww  that when i laid my eyes on him.. he can always come to me sit beside me and not talk but play his phone. He loves to disturb me and call me shuanalopez. We love to play who stupid but quiet versions. He love to get angry over small matters. But he def knows how to make me smile after making me angry. Hes def a friend to keep.. :)

last one bomb, went to support eleen club, club de color.. she brought him and another viet guy, adam over. At first i was more into the viet guy, but he was too busy to entertain us. But bomb, stayed throughout with us. Which after, hes the reason why i go down color. But after 5times, he went back to thailand. Call this fate or no fate.? hahah, but hes a very fun guy to be with. Is like you will never get bored when he is around. Cause even when i go bkk, he came to pick me up at airport, and accompanied me when im in bkk. Thats very very nice of him right? 
After all, thai guys can only be friends. And when friends they can treat you very well. But once you are in love with them, you are gonecase. Hahaha :) so learn smart girls out there

Mildred, known her when im like 15years old.. used to hang out but ever since friendsters down we dont talk anymore. Until i saw her at v6. We suddenly became goodfriend again. And i love her parents. Damn hip! Go thai disco with her. And the parents dote on me even when they see me the first time. Awwww. Love the way how they dont judge people and treats everyone equal! :)

Jocelyn kau, if you are my reader in the past, you all should know her, my baby
Never bored with her around

Last, my baby girlfriends. They are always wearing so pretty to v6. 
and im always wearing as if im going house downstairs. :X

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

After its over

I believe everyone knows about me and nelson, that we are already over for almost 1 year..
Life is still treating me good,  since there losses theres bound to have gain. i lost him, but ive gain friends that treat me wholeheartedly..
Chantel and samantha, the girls that i have been hanging out with this few months, and im glad that i have them with me. Through all the ups and downs, all the quarrels.. all these just make our friendship stronger. They are always there for me when i need someone, whenever i break down they always give me their shoulder to lean on. With them around, it seems as if that theres is nothing that i cannot pass through. So im really thankful for them.

For this almost a year, i have been hanging out with them, going to party and having fun. Like how i use to be, but not exactly as, it is always just the three of us. and i like it, really.

Spending christmas , new year, chinese new year, chantel birthday, samantha birthday, my birthday all together, its like they are my best girlfriend ever.

And working in UKCOOL , has been great, timing is flexible as boss knows i have school, not that intense though. Colleagues are all fun to be with and they treat me well.
Kinda like this kind of lifestyle. Work , School , Girlfriends, Party.

and we did our girly day out to sea aquarium, just because i wanted to go.
and so they accompanied me.  Tell me how to not love them. right?

Going Ice Skating after work at kallang

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No idea where to start

Its been so long since i updated my blog. I have no idea where to start..
Maybe from my next post onwards ill just briefly update what ive been doing for the past few months.  What i have been doing at work, what haven i been doing with my babygirls. My trips to bkk.. all the catch up sessions with my friends.
Wait for it while ill slowly draft out my posts.. and maybe ill edit my blog as well. Or anyone whos willing to help me do something abour it? :))

Friday, August 23, 2013

First week of work

Hi everyone,

i believe some of you already know that i started working.
YES, i'm working! UK Cool Pte Ltd, Its a car servicing company! so dear you, who have cars, Please come and look for me! I am stationed at HougangSPC. But sometimes i will be at my HQ - Defu, So if you want to come , PLEASE PLEASE drop me a message at Facebook, or those who have my number , please drop me a message ^^  I will serve you :)

So, first of all, i need you people to LIKE my company page.

Facebook -
Insta - @ukcool_automotive
Twitter- @ukcool_Amotive

Company website -

My company deals with car servicing , Tyres , Wiper, Engine oil.

These are the tyres. For more info, please click on to my company website above ^^