Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No idea where to start

Its been so long since i updated my blog. I have no idea where to start..
Maybe from my next post onwards ill just briefly update what ive been doing for the past few months.  What i have been doing at work, what haven i been doing with my babygirls. My trips to bkk.. all the catch up sessions with my friends.
Wait for it while ill slowly draft out my posts.. and maybe ill edit my blog as well. Or anyone whos willing to help me do something abour it? :))

Friday, August 23, 2013

First week of work

Hi everyone,

i believe some of you already know that i started working.
YES, i'm working! UK Cool Pte Ltd, Its a car servicing company! so dear you, who have cars, Please come and look for me! I am stationed at HougangSPC. But sometimes i will be at my HQ - Defu, So if you want to come , PLEASE PLEASE drop me a message at Facebook, or those who have my number , please drop me a message ^^  I will serve you :)

So, first of all, i need you people to LIKE my company page.

Facebook -
Insta - @ukcool_automotive
Twitter- @ukcool_Amotive

Company website -

My company deals with car servicing , Tyres , Wiper, Engine oil.

These are the tyres. For more info, please click on to my company website above ^^

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My baby girls

been meeting this girls eversince our bangkok trip.
 i believe fate brought us together. and now we are inseparable <3 p="">
they are always there for me, care n concern that is nvr-ending.!
<3 nbsp="" p="">
Samantha Kee.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sick and tired of your  watch straps?lucky for you people, my very good brother is here to help you guys!
price range from $13 - $30How affordable can it get right!?
These are some of my favorite straps. (:

Accstapz is so nice that they even sells watch! SEIKO watch.
It goes very well with these straps!( Fav watch )  $195 - $230

Their website :

Instagram  :

Facebook :